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Meet those Who Started StartSchool


At StartSchool, we're not just educators - we're tech visionaries on a mission. Learn more about our passionate founders and their commitment to shaping the future of tech education in Latvia.

The team & founders

Anna Andersone Photo_edited.jpg

CEO, co-founder

Anna Andersone

Anna is one of the leaders of the startup ecosystem in Latvia and the head of the Riga TechGirls association and movement. For more than 20 years, her experience has been related to the field of design, communication and technology and entrepreneurship.

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Janis James Berdigans Photo_edited.jpg


James Janis Berdigans

Founder & CEO of Printify. Started and grew the company to 600 employees and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Studied MBA in University of North Carlina, USA, Bachelor International Business Administration, The Netherlands

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Elina Branta Photo.webp


Elīna Branta

Elina has had a varied and impressive career in management and innovation. Currently, she is a board member of Swisscom DevOps Center Latvia, where she applies her skills in marketing and company management.

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Ieva Ilvesa Photo.webp


Ieva Ilvess

Ieva is a diplomat, an expert in foreign and security policy issues, digital policy and cyber security with more than 20 years of experience in national and international institutions in Latvia, NATO and the EU. She has worked as a digital policy and cyber security advisor to the President of Latvia, the Ministry of Defense and now the EU advisory mission in Ukraine. 

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Kristofs Blaus Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Board member, co-founder

Kristofs Blaus

Kristofs Blaus has been founding and managing tech companies for 16 years. Has driven the growth of health tech company Nutrameg in over 100 markets. Co-founded the portal, which has changed 60 Latvian laws.

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Andris Berzins Photo_edited.jpg


Andris K. Bērziņš

Andris K. Bērziņš, a seasoned founder and executive with successful exits over $100M, is also a venture capital investor at Change Ventures. He co-founded TechHub Riga and TechChill, and is involved in the Latvian Startup Association. Andris brings 25 years of startup and investment experience, holding an MBA from Stanford Business School.

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Edgars Peics Photo_edited.png


Edgars Peičs

Edgars Peičs is a passionate senior leader with 30 years of international experience in the information technology sector. Over his career worked in many companies - Microsoft, Lattelecom, Swedbank, Evolution Gaming, Gaming Innovation Group, Luminor, NetEnt and currently works as a Chief Technical Officer at Printify. 

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Founding Partners


StartSchool founding partner

Raimonds Simanovskis, eazy BI

I am grateful that I had a great technical education at my school and university. It was one of the main success factors why I could build a successful software business. Therefore we, eazyBI, already have been supporting many tech education projects in Latvia. StartSchool is a new, promising project with the goal of growing new tech leaders of tomorrow, and therefore, we are joining as a founding partner to support it both financially and also by sharing our tech and business experience.

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Janis Lucaus Balcia photo.jpg

StartSchool founding partner

Jānis Lucaus, Balcia Insurance

Over the past years, we've actively pushed the insurance industry to break conventional boundaries, driven by innovation and new tech. Despite lagging behind banking in innovation, we view this as a learning opportunity from others' experiences. StartSchool participants, too, will have access to this valuable opportunity to learn from industry professionals. We take great pride in being part of the team that contributes to shaping future technology leaders!

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StartSchool founding partner

Jēkabs Endziņš,

We believe that the basis of Latvia's future success is the ability to create exporting technology companies, if we want to live in a country that is prosperous and recognized. was created with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship among young people, showing examples of the opportunities to build your own startup in any field. In our opinion, StartSchool is the right next step in order to create a new generation of technology entrepreneurs in Latvia, who will have the knowledge, the necessary motivation, and a lot of friends to develop big ideas. Let's continue to support and keep our fingers crossed for StartSchool!

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Armands Broks_edited.jpg

StartSchool founding partner

Armands Broks

I co-founded technology school in Latvia because I believe we can inspire the next generation with the skills and knowledge they need to not only excel locally, but also compete globally.  Technology is a great help and we can serve the whole world from Latvia. As a technology entrepreneur myself, I am well aware of the skills required for this task. By providing up-to-date education and hands-on experience, we aim to ignite passion, foster innovation and bridge the gap between traditional education and the rapidly evolving technology sector. This is a wonderful project that invites Latvian entrepreneurs to join forces for a better Latvia by nurturing local talent that can turn ideas into reality and potential into global excellence.

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Anna Andersone Photo_edited.jpg

CEO at StartSchool

Anna Andersone

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Austra Marta Jirgensone_edited.jpg

Program Manager at StartSchool

Austra Marta Jirgensone

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WhatsApp Image 2024-07-09 at 10.07.29 AM.jpg

Campus Manager at StartSchool

Jānis Altgauzens

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StartSchool is financed by successful Latvian tech companies and private donations

berdiganu fonds logo.png

Fond aims to strengthen the start-up ecosystem and foster the transition to a knowledge-based economy, as well as to create co-working spaces to promote start-ups and innovation.


Easy-to-use business intelligence application that could be installed and immediately utilized by end users


We want to support and empower everyone to learn, grow and innovate in a safe environment for all

mccann logo_edited.jpg

Advertising agency McCann Riga.


nutrameg logo.png

Nutrameg is a healthtech startup developing patented nutrition technology for weight management and fitness used by millions of people worldwide.


The most modern insurance company in Latvia!


Top-Tier Headhunting for Scaling Tech & eCom Companies

prakselv logo.png

A place to find first internship and best job opportunities.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 17.55.12.png

Building up the best and coolest DevOps Center in Europe.

vebyvc logo_edited_edited.jpg

A startup studio with a VC arm. We build & fund companies.

primum logo.png

Great accounting and financial management services. Our focus is not just bookkeeping or accounting we go beyond it.

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