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The Future of Tech Education

Discover our innovative curriculum designed to propel you into the heart of the tech industry. From self-directed learning to hands-on projects, StartSchool equips you with the skills you need to succeed.

One Mission

Involving a united IT & startup industry, we jointly introduce a practice-based IT experiential learning curriculum for faster creation of professional tech people with the potential to be tech leaders.

A Program With 2 Modules


StartSchool's Tech education module offers a cutting-edge learning experience powered by Qwasar's Experiential Learning Platform. Unlike traditional educational approaches, this platform leverages AI, data, and automation to provide students with a dynamic, self-directed learning environment.


Through hands-on projects, pair programming, and group collaboration, students develop essential skills demanded by the IT industry, preparing them for success in both startups and established technology companies. With a focus on practical skill development and real-world problem-solving, graduates emerge equipped to thrive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, whether they choose to launch their own startups or pursue careers at renowned tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.


Business module

Complementing the Tech education module, StartSchool's Startup/Business module is designed by leading experts in entrepreneurial education, drawing from the acclaimed Entrepreneurship Curriculum of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.


This comprehensive curriculum covers every aspect of startup creation and management, from ideation and prototyping to marketing, sales, and fundraising. Through a series of immersive workshops, company visits, hackathons, and pitch training sessions, students gain invaluable insights and practical skills to navigate the complexities of the startup ecosystem. Whether aspiring founders or future business leaders, participants emerge with a deep understanding of startup fundamentals and the confidence to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Tech module

StartSchool's Approach to Learning

Project-Based Learning

Students tackle challenging software projects to build key skills and problem-solving abilities. They also face coding exercises to prepare for technical interviews.

Role Play

We employ role play for technical interviews and salary negotiation prep. You'll experience both sides (unique to our program), which will make you ready for real interviews.

Practice & Repetition

Confidence in software engineering comes from practice and repetition. These actions reduce anxiety in the workplace and during job interviews.


Knowledge thrives in our student community. We support your transition into tech roles. Your job is simply to engage and contribute.

Prep For the Shark Tank

Learning by Doing

Being a good software engineer, ML engineer, developer, or data scientist isn’t something you’ll learn by reading a book or watching a video. You need to DO it! Learning by doing has been scientifically proven to be a superior way of learning, but more importantly, it's a method that simulates the workplace and prepares students for jobs.


Gamified Learning

You will gain points for completing projects, correcting your peers, and contributing to the community. These points can be redeemed for peer reviews, special events, or special project opportunities.


Mastery-Based Learning

We use mastery-based learning: you need to master each Season of the curriculum and the 12 subject areas covered in technical interviews. The point isn’t to pass; it’s
to be confident and able to use the skills required for software engineer jobs.

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Dedicated Program Commitment & Hours

For a successful learning experience, you’ll need to commit to full time work on the program: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.


The 5000 EUR tuition fee is covered by industry donations.

Don't let finances hold you back! StartSchool is free of charge, generously sponsored by industry donations. Participants only need to pay the 250 EUR Enrollment fee.


100 supported placements available in 2024

The highest-scoring applicants will be selected and accepted

Program calendar


Cover basic software engineering principles: variables, functions, loop statements, if statements, basic algorithms and data structures. Begin using an IDE and the terminal. This track is the equivalent of a coding bootcamp.

Languages: Javascript, HTML/CSS

Season 1

ARC 1​Cover fundamental computer programming concepts and learn the basics of C. Build a solid foundation in back-end programming including pointers, arrays, strings, algorithms, data structures, data types, and software architecture.

Languages:  C

Season 2:

Full Stack​Learners focus on back-end and front-end tools, languages and databases; they build 3 websites, rebuild a database; build a video game and multiple full stack applications from scratch, helping to develop their technical portfolio.

Track tech stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Nginx, PostgreSQL, SQLite PhP, jQuery, REST APIs

Season 3

5 OPTIONS for choosing the technology learning direction:

​1. Front-end - React.JS

2. Back-end - Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS

3. Cloud Deployment - AWS, some Ruby and React.JS

4. Java - Java, Spring

5. Python - Python, Django

Startup Module 

  • Setting personal goals

  • What is scalable and innovative business

    • A culture of creativity and innovation

    • Building a team and culture in a company

    • Leadership

  • Design Thinking Camp

  • Lean startup methodology

  • Customer discovery - Hypothesis testing - Insights/findings

  • Product development boot camp: Prototyping, usability and design.

  • Marketing and sales

  • Attracting your first investment

Program Schedule


It takes guts
to start!

Apply to the StartSchool program now and start reaching your goals in the tech world!

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