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The process of application


Fill in the online form

First you have to fill a very short online form to express your interest. After that you will be sent a long form link.
Prepare a photo of your ID and your English language proficiency documentation for the long form.


Take the online selection tests

All applicants will be reviewed. Those qualifying for the second round will get access to the next online selection tests via email. So make sure that you input a correct email address in the application form!


Participate in the on-site selection process

The best applicants will be invited to join the third round of the selection process - an on-site program with exercises and a one-day hackathon.


Complete the post-challenge survey

After the on-site selection challenges, all participants will be sent a post-challenge survey they will need to complete.


If selected, sign the enrolment agreement

The candidates deemed best after the on-site selection days will be offered to enrol in the program. You will be sent an agreement to sign and you will have to pay a 250 EUR enrolment fee to begin the program. The tuition fee of 5000 EUR will be covered by industry donations generously provided by our partners.

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